One Day Workshops to photograph wildflowers in and around the Salinas Valley

April 10, 2009


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On this workshop, you will have to take care of your own breakfast and lunch. This is a long day with many stops. It starts by meeting at Lawrence's Restaurant at Keefer's Inn. Keefer's Inn is right on hiway 101 in King City. From Keefer's Inn it is only 30 minutes to our starting point, San Miguel. The drive from San Jose CA airport to Keefer's Inn is 105 miles and will take roughly two hours. Depending upon where you are coming from, please take this into consideration. The alternative is to stay at the Keefer's Inn as that's where we will meet, Friday morning, at 8:30am. I will arrive there at 8:30. Those staying at Keefer's Inn or arriving early, can have breakfast there. The rest of us will eat before we arrive. It's also a good place to fill your coffee thermos (for those who induldge) before setting out for the day. Make sure you pack a lunch as after San Miguel, we won't be near any stores or restaurants for, basically, the entire day. Adjustments can be made for emergencies or other requirements. The day's path will take us, from San Miguel, up Indian Valley Road, which turns into Peach Tree Road, which turns into Airline Highway. We will stop along this path, many many times, as well as take junkets up side roads, to photograph wildflowers. All of the photographs on this page were taken on this exact path during previous workshops. My only disclaimer is that Mother Nature does not always cooperate with putting out wildflowers when we want her to. But in her defense, past workshops were taken throughout the month of April and we always found wildflowers.

Significant others are welcome to tag along on this workshop. Carpooling from the Keefer's Inn restaurant is incouraged since that is where we will end up at the end of the day. Some of the side roads that we take are dirt roads, so that must be taken into consideration as well.

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All of the photographs on this page were taken during this workshop

Golden flowers by the acre

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Wildflowers everywhere

work_wildflowerseverywhere image


Lupines are everywhere

work_wildflowersfieldscanyons image

Wildflowers throughout the valley and on the hills

work_lonoak&25 image

Yellow, yellow, yellow

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