Three day spring workshop to photograph Yosemite


April 24-26, 2009


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This workshop begins Friday afternoon at the 'Yosemite Lodge'. Yosemite Lodge is located right in the heart of Yosemite Valley. We are, however, not oficially staying at Yosemite Lodge as rooms are difficult to get and they all seem to have unnecessary add-ons. There are plenty of rooms available at the Yosemite View Lodge which is just two miles outside the highway 140 main gate, which is just fourteen miles from the Yosemite Lodge. The following links will take you to the appropriate web sites :

> Yosemite View Lodge <   > Yosemite Lodge <   > Yosemite Lodge Map <   > Yosemite Village Map <

You can stay anywhere you want, there are many great places to stay in and around Yosemite. Here is a listing of all of the major hotels, motels, inns, lodges, and vacation homes in and around Yosemite:

> Staying in and around Yosemite <

The Ahwahnee, of course, is the king of them all. I will be staying at the Yosemite View Lodge as it seems to be clean, inexpensive, non-smoking, and every room has a kitchenette - all of which, I like. All of our get together's will either be within the confines of Yosemite Lodge or out in the field.

We meet in the Yosemite Lodge Food Court (you don't have to buy food) on Friday at 4pm. Click on the 'Yosemite Lodge Map' (above), entrance to the complex is from the right via Yosemite Lodge Dr., proceed to the center of the complex and, to the left of the Lobby, you'll see the 'Food Court'. After we get acquainted, we will go to a specific area to photograph a Yosemite sunset. Sunset is at 7:50pm and we need to be set-up by between one-half hour and one hour before sunset. After sunset, we will go back to the Yosemite Lodge Food Court for dinner and a 'get to know each other' meeting, and to lay out the agenda for Saturday and Sunday. The Food Court is a very casual cafeteria style place and we will move tables together to accommodate the group. As with all of my workshops, the agenda is weather dependent and participant dependent. Saturday and Sunday mornings are very early mornings. We need to be out in Yosemite Valley before sunrise. Sunrise in Yosemite can be a spectacular event. Breakfast on these mornings will be after our sunrise photo session, so you should have a snack with you; granola bars, coffee, whatever... So plan ahead. Sunrise is at 6:45 so we need to be at our agreed upon location by at least 6:30am. After the sunrise photo session, we'll go (again) to the Yosemite Lodge Food Court, for breakfast. And we'll re-establish the day's agenda. After breakfast, we'll go to Degnan's Deli (in Yosemite Village) and get a 'made to order' sandwich, etc, so that we can eat lunch out in the field. We will follow the same scenario on Sunday only the photographic agenda will change. Sunday's agenda is, however, loose so that folks can leave whenever they need to.

Dinner on Saturday night is included in the workshop fee (dinner on the workshop, alcoholic beverages on the individuals). Dinner will be at the Yosemite Lodge Mountain Room. The Mountain Room is full of very famous photographers' Yosemite photographs, and the restaurant overlooks Yosemite Falls. Here is a link to the Mountain Room:

 >> Mountain Room at Yosemite Lodge <<

Significant others are welcome to tag along on these workshops at no (workshop) charge. You will need to add $50 per significant other (three day workshops) to the workshop fee to cover the cost of the Saturday night dinner. The only food covered by the workshop is the Saturday evening dinner.

I will not hold a formal critique during the workshop as we will be very busy photographing. I will look at photographs on your (or my) computer for a quick evaluation, for anyone who so desires. I will be happy to hold a critique, at my home, after the workshop (date and time to be decided collectively), or, if you live too far away, you may send to me, any photographs that you want critiqued. Or put them on a web site and point me there.   


If the weather is going to be totally socked-in (storms all weekend), I will cancel this workshop in plenty of time so that there is no penalty for cancelling lodging reservations.         

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This is spring and it can get very cold. Bring appropriate clothing. A warm and weatherproof parka, a waterproof windbreaker, and light layers for use under the parka or windbreaker are the best way to stay warm in changing weather. And, of course, appropriate shoes/boots for walking, and possibly through snow. And please bring something to keep your head warm.  

Following are some photographs from previous Yosemite spring workshops

View of Half Dome, Vernal Falls, Nevada Falls, and the high Sierra

work_half_vernal_nevada image

Yosemite Falls and tree

work_big_water_tree image

Bridal Veil Falls

work_bridal_veil_falls image

Yosemite Valley

work_yosemite_valley image

Old red barn in Big Meadow

work_barn_rocks_bigmeadow image

Tenaya creek and Half Dome

work_tenaya_creek_and_half_dome image

Creek at the bottom of Bridal Veil Falls

work_bridal_veil_falls_creek image

Half Dome from Glacier Point

work_half_dome_spring image

Yes, there is a person out on the Half Dome lip!

work_person_on_half_dome image