One Day Workshops along the California coast between Carmel and Lucia.

March 27th, 2009


>> Carmel-Lucia Workshop Details <<

California Coastal Gallery

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One Day Workshops along the California coast between Montara and Santa Cruz.

(none scheduled at this time)

>> Montara-Santa Cruz Workshop Details <<

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One Day Spring Workshops to Mission San Antonio de Padua, Hunter Liggett, and Nacimiento River.

May 1, 2009

>> Hunter Liggett-Nacimiento Workshop Details <<

Mission - Hunter Liggett - Nacimiento Gallery

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One Day Workshops to photograph wildflowers in and around the Salinas Valley.

April 10, 2009

>> Salinas Valley Wildflower Workshop Details <<

Winter Workshop in Yosemite National Park

March 13th - 15th, 2009


 >> Yosemite Winter Workshop Details <<

Yosemite Gallery

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Spring Workshop in Yosemite National Park

April 24-26, 2009


 >> Yosemite Spring Workshop Details <<

Yosemite Gallery

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The one-day workshops are typically held on a Friday. Where we go is a great tourist area and weekends are when the tourists are out and about. This causes a great many delays and also impacts many of the photogenic scenes.

The maximum number of participants in any workshop, is limited to 10. This is so that everyone can get help from me when (and if) needed. And that we have a chance of staying together while traveling from location to location. I won't do any photographing as long as there is someone who wants help. Only if everyone in the group is content, will I drag out a camera and do some photography.

You are responsible for your own transportation. If you wish, you can carpool from the restaurant or lodge, for the workshop day, as we will be back there at the end of the day.

There is no particular agenda other than to find and take great nature and landscape photographs. These workshops are for any brand, type, and size of camera. Digital (P&S, DSLR, MF, LF) and film (35mm, MF, LF).

Significant others are welcome to tag along on these workshops at no (workshop) charge. You will need to add $50 per significant other (three day workshops) to the workshop fee to cover the cost of the Saturday night dinner, or $20 per significant other for the one day workshops that include breakfast. I will need to know up front, if you are planning on bringing a 'significant other'.


  Rain. If it looks like it might be raining like crazy on the workshop Friday, I will contact all participants to see if : a.) you wish to re-schedule, b.) get a refund, or c.) go anyway. I'm willing to accommodate any of the choices. I have photographed many times, along the CA coast, in the rain, and even though it is more work, the images can be spectacular. If it is raining and you do choose to go, I strongly suggest that you bring: a rain slicker, LARGE umbrella, and a Superclamp + Spring Clamp for clamping the LARGE umbrella to your tripod.